The Association was registered in Hong Kong under the name of 「普明佛學會(Universal Enlightenment Buddhist Association)」 in 2008, and then registered as a charitable organization recognized by the Hong Kong government.

All Services

Activities and Services

Regularly hold blessing pujas, transcending pujas, goma pujas, worship and repentance pujas, Buddhist classes and lectures.

Service Items

An honored Tai Sui and bright lamps, an honored position for increasing blessings and prolonging life and longevity, an honoring the ancestors’ spiritual positions, and assisting in the printing of scriptures.

Charitable Relief

*Regularly in different areas of Hong Kong every month, we sponsor the distribution of lunch boxes to those in need.
*Donate rice, water, food…etc to food banks.
*Irregularly cooperate with other charities to organize relief and disaster relief activities.

Circulation of Buddhist relics

Provide XianMi Buddha statues, Buddhist utensils, religious utensils, various gold papers, etc. for the public to purchase.